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Western Red Cedar

Product Description

Latin Name: Thuja Plicata Atrovirens

English Name: Western Red Cedar


Foliage Type: Evergreen.

Foliage: Green.

Flower: Brown Spherical Cones.

Flowering Period: Summer.

Growth Habit: Upright/Columnar.

Growth Speed: Fast 1-2ft/yr

Starting Height: 2-3ft

Final Height: 82ft

Starting Sideways Spread:  0.7 ft to 3.3 ft Final Sideways Spread: 23ft


Suggested Location: Outdoor.

Suggested Soil Type: Well-Drained. Chalk. Clay. Loam. Sand.

Suggested Exposure to Sunlight: Full Sunlight.

Suggested Exposure to Weather: Sheltered or Exposed.

Lowest Temperature Tolerance: -20 °C to -15 °C (-4 °F to 5 °F) Suggested Uses: Hedging. Borders. Specimen. Large Pots. Rock Gardens.

Maintenance: No pruning required, except to remove dead or damaged wood.

Can be trimmed in early-spring to encourage more new foliage to grow.

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