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Taxus ( Hicksii)

Product Description

Stunning topiary clipped from Taxus x Media ‘Hicksii’ – broad, upright, columnar conifer with long ascending branches. Bright green, needle-like foliage, 2-3 cm long. Female cultivar which produces abundant fruits.

Extremely hardy, very resistant to city pollution. Grows well in fertile, well-drained soil including chalky and acid. Withstands being covered by old trees. Tolerates severe pruning.


Latin Name: Taxus x Media ‘Hicksii’

English Name: Yew ‘Hicksii’


Foliage Type: Evergreen.

Foliage: Bright Green.

Flower: Red Fruit.

Flowering Period: Spring. 


Suggested Location: Outdoor.

Suggested Soil Type: Well-drained. Chalk. Clay. Loam. Sand.

Suggested Exposure to Sunlight: Full Sunlight or Partial Shade.

Suggested Exposure to Weather: Sheltered or Exposed.

Lowest Temperature Tolerance: Less than -20 °C (less than -4 °F) Suggested Uses: Small gardens. Rock gardens. Groups.

Maintenance: No regular pruning necessary, but can be trimmed and shaped when required.

Spacing: 2ft apart

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